VOS Vienna Office Supplies is the only marketing – and sales organization entrusted by a number of well-known international manufacturers in the fields of stationery, office products, school supply and artists´ materials (including some gift and promotional articles). The company`s headquarters is in Vienna, Austria, but the responsible export sales team is very familiar with the territories covered, visiting all countries on regular trips several times a year. Over the years, we have established a wide network of customers and contacts and we are currently cooperating with around 150 companies in the Near and Middle East as well as in some selected export markets in Central- and Southern Europe. Our potential customers are the importers, distributors and wholesalers of our branch, who in return supply retailers, mass consumers and private companies.. We usually entertain a long-term relationship with our partners which in many cases even goes beyond one family-generation of owners.
Our expertise benefits not only our principals but also our customers through synergetic effects: on the one hand, we can fall back on long-standing and reliable contacts for preliminary assessments regarding the marketability of a new brand, which if positive, can be backed up with a more thorough market analysis, providing our supplier with a simple and cost-effective entry into a new market. On the other hand, our customers appreciate the balanced and comprehensive range of related products which gives them the opportunity of consolidating shipments (by combining 3,4 or 5 brands in a container) and of trying out new products, knowing that they can rely on the smooth and unproblematic handling of their imports by their usual partners. We connect manufacturers with customers!

Our portfolio comprises the following brands:

BENE (AUSTRIA) files and filing systems, CRETACOLOR (AUSTRIA) art material, JOLLY (AUSTRIA) coloring pencils/other school products, MUNGYO (KOREA), chalks, glue sticks, SAX (AUSTRIA) perforators, stapling machines, paper clips,SCHNEIDER (GERMANY) full range of writing instruments, MOLOTOW Acrylic Marker Systems, Urban Fine-Art

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